Our Manufacturing Work
From one off to batches of 5,000 pieces or more we can supply to clients or to their customers in the UK or overseas.

Unalock - Vibration Proof Fastener

This is a fastener designed to clamp and hold an assembly together in extremely difficult environments and can handle temperature and vibration changes. Product can be made in any material to fit any bolt. For more information look at www.unalock.co.uk


Rail Drilling Systems

We are manufacturers (and designers) of railway drilling systems and supply them worldwide. We supply Gasoline, Hydraulic and Electrically powered units as standard and can supply air operated and battery powered systems. We have supplied these products to the Nuclear Industry as well as the railway industry. We supply standard machines, bonding machines, base plate drills and can manufacture to our designs or to client needs. We supply both individual units and in batches as required. We can match to any railway system.


Annular Broach Cutters

We are contract suppliers of annular broach cutters in a variety of materials and any size. We cater for both standard cutters and for the railway industry. Our design experience coupled with years of user trials makes us a very effective supplier of specials. If you have a hole forming problem the evidence is we can answer your question and supply the best product for your needs from contact pricing to special one offs.